Furniture pack

Furniture Pack - Turnkey Service

MOODesign also offers a "FURNITURE PACK" service. In fact, we offer a furnishing and decoration service for all or part of your home.

First, the client will have an appointment (physical or telephone) with one of our dedicated advisers to discuss his development project. Following this and after studying the architectural plans, we will make a proposal for furnishing all or part of the property and / or decoration, at the client's convenience. The proposal will be made per piece and can be modified as necessary by the customer.

Using our partnerships with many suppliers on the Island, our furniture packs can include appliances, linens, dishes, curtains, etc.

Finally, the delivery and assembly of the entire pack are free.

This turnkey service allows our customers to have only one worker for the entire process of furnishing and / or decorating their property. Finally, the delivery and assembly of the entire furniture pack can be done in one day (or several consecutive days, depending on the size of the property), on a date agreed between the customer and MOODesign.

Free shipping + Installation